Feb 5, 2013


There is such excitement + buzz here in the Ayling household right now. Because ... well because we have been busy planning a most amazing trip to the USA this coming June/July! We will be gone for just over 5 weeks and I am so excited to head back to a country I had so much fun in back in 2010 (see here + here). I am also excited to show Morgan off around too ;) and to see more of it than I did last time. 

On our trip, we are planning on visiting Southern California, San Fransisco, Portland, Spokane, Seattle, Chicago, New York and Charleston. Lots of plane flights and one fun old road trip too (we will be hiring a car and driving up the West Coast!) And even though we get to do a lot of traveling and see some pretty amazing places, I am even more excited about the people that I get to catch up with (and finally meet too!) I get to stay with this lady and this one and this one too! I get to catch up with her and her and her and hopefully her and maybe her. And hopefully this lady will be in town too!? Oh and so many others!!! I get to meet all the new babies and see how much growing the other little ones have done. I also get to explore New York with my Jacy girl and celebrate the fourthiest 4th with my Fairest. Oh the giddiness I feel over this little trip!

Anyway enough of me blabbing on and on... I found some pretty travel inspired images on Pinterest to ignite your own wanderlust. Specifically lust for the East coast of Australia where I hear there is the sweetest little b'n'b just awaiting it's first overseas visitors :)

image sources...
(image eleven cause that's where we are headed baby!)

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