Mar 8, 2013

life lately (according to my iphone)

hmmm iphone catch up posts seem to be all I can muster up these days and I wish it was more. This season of life is surely a wonderful one and I want to store up the moments here to come back to in future days! It seems that we have ironed out all those kinks of our newly wedded days and now that I am working so close to home I am enjoying life so much more - the funk is gone people! I feel like I'm truly living life and am not just a spectator of my own life anymore, it's lovely. I am tired though - crazy tired (so sorry if this post makes no sense). I realized the other day that I haven't had a holiday/break from work since our last family holiday in March last year!!! So I am so looking forward to our 5 and a half week USA trip this June (we booked our tickets the other night so it is official!!!) We arrive at this ladies house on June 10th - SO excited! In other news I joined the creative team at Church. It is so wonderful to be part of a church family again and to give in to the congregation, excited to see what things we will come up with this year :) We're also doing a marriage course with our church group on Monday nights and are both getting a lot out of it. More than anything it is confirming to us that we are on the same page with our marriage, the way we want to parent etc - such a wonderful confirmation from the Lord. M has been super busy too - Indoor soccer once a week, church soccer too, church band practice and he's back at TAFE. We're hoping he can start looking for jobs in his chosen field (CAD Draftsman) when we get back from America. I am so excited to see where this course will take him and am desperate to see him doing something he is good at, something that he enjoys each day. Oh and we've been feeling super grown up this week, it seems all our bills have come at once - rego, insurance (for 2 cars), a hospital bill, phone bills etc etc. When it rains it pours huh! Ok back to painting, cleaning, 1st birthday planning for me... or maybe bed first ;)

So goodnight all and here's a small snapshot of life around here lately - 
1. Styling the new autumn/winter collection at work. I really adore the pieces our buyers have been getting in for this range and am having such fun putting our displays together!
2. Did you know Maccas now sells macrons!? and only $1.95 each - you can bet I have had more than a few over the past few weeks :)
3. M and I were cleaning out paperwork and found the funniest 'twixs for the trade' from my amazing 2010 USA bridal shower.
4. Even on my day off I am still a working girl. Painting the trim in our spare room...
5. It's been raining and storming here a lot lately and the prettiest big tree in our backyard fell down one afternoon. We are all so sad!
6. I found the most amazing juicing combination - orange, apple, pineapple, watermelon and passion fruit.
7. Again with the passion fruit obsession ...
8. Manly man covered in mud from chain sawing up the tree and fixing the fence in the rain.
9. My brother is cooler than yours! Feb sibling date My brother turned up in his cute little car and vintage inspired button up shirt - hes so awesome!
10. We went to a wedding in February. It was weird but the wine bottle was so pretty (and the wine yummy!)
11. Delicious and fresh greens
12. Typical Ling Ling and Lolly hang
13. We really need to do the filing more than once every six months! 
14. Mr A tries to hand saw through the tree branch!! He's a smart cookie that one!

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