Aug 1, 2013

thoughts on being back home

Well Mr A and I are back.

Back from our amazing 6 week holiday to the United States, and I can't wait to recap our little trip right here. Seriously, all the places we were able to go and things we got to see blows my mind. I mean really did we actually shop beneath the bright lights of Times Square (at 2am) after catching a Broadway show? Did we really stand upon the soil of a plantation where the civil war took place? Did we really explore the most amazing castle perched high on the hill along the Californian Coast? And spend an evening barefoot in the country catching fireflies in a little jar? I mean really, just a few weeks back? Two weeks on Saturday actually.

To be honest it's been a little hard to adjust to being back to normal after six amazing weeks of jam packed awesomeness. Six weeks of side by side adventuring with my love, of seeing the dearest of friends and loving on their families and catching up with our own family. Of new experiences, new cities (new smells!) and new food. I'm finding myself browsing our grocery store aimlessly, trolley empty uninspired by the lack of choice we have here in Oz all while craving a Starbucks frappacino and just one more Trader Joes Peanut butter cup (good thing we came home with half a suitcase of those bad boys!)

But what I do know is I that I feel I have come home richer than when I left.

I know that I fell even more in love with my husband on this trip and it just reconfirmed to me that I have picked such a wonderful guy to create a home with. I swooned as I watched him take control and lead us through each new city, nothing too much of a hassle or daunting for him. I fell harder each time he had to navigate a new subway system, each time he ordered our food and dealt with the cheques (tipping is stressful people!), each time he carried both his and my heavy suitcases through the city while I carried our two tiny carry-ons, the time he got into a car on the wrong side of the road and headed into LA traffic at Peak hour and handled it like a pro, Each time I watched as he fell in love with another of my friend's littles, each time a little one got to ride on his shoulders (or tackle him to the ground in Jack and Elliots case!) and each time I'd catch him out of the corner of my eye, pick up and plant a kiss on one of those sweet babies, my heart would seriously skip a beat and I'd think this man is so amazing/wonderful/cute/sexy and oh my gosh he's mine!!!
He's pretty great that Mr of mine...

Oh and also, I have the most amazing bunch of girlfriends possibly ever. I'm very blessed by them and getting to stay in each ladies home (some new and some again) was so amazingly special. And to have them meet Morgan was a dream come true! They are women who inspire, encourage and uplift you and when you visit them, they seriously seriously spoil you! I simply adored being able to catch up with old girlfriends and meet some of their family members I didn't get to last time and to meet some new friends too.  Those girls are truely a gift from God and I'm missing them all so very much. Each and every single  one of them.

And of course those lovely friends who I didn't get a photo with! Courtney, Chantel, Dawna and Anna and our newest friends Becca and Amy :)

Now to plan our next trip back! (and next time Jess and Nikki we are taking photos together with our real cameras!?!)
But first ... an Ayling USA Trip 2013 recap!!

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