Apr 2, 2008

a week of birthdays!

that's what it's been around here lately - a week long of birthdays starting with Morgan's on the Monday (oh and our good friend Luke a few days before that), mum's on Friday and my brother Stuart's on the Saturday. So i've been busy sewing and baking all week long!

Here are some snippets of some of the home made gifts that I whipped up for my special people!

throw cushion for Morgan's new room with this fabric.

The alphabet fabric is an Alexander Henry print i brought from the ebay store funky fabrix. The red cotton twill and corduroy i just picked up from Spotlight and the back has a centered zip which is enclosed by a flap (it's gotta be neat right?).

I also had such fun wrapping his present starting with a small gift: this friendship ring in a small wrapped box, which was placed in a larger box which eventually had a cd in it (juno soundtrack brought here) he'd mentioned wanting to get for awhile - i love it! we both sung along to it all the way home the other night :) this eventually led to the biggest box with his pillow wrapped in tissue paper, with a few 'empty boxes in between'. It was such fun watching him unwrapping and opening it all up! On top of the large wrapped box i placed his card and his 'M'. I got this from the art shop for $3.50 and spray painted it white, sanding between each layer with wet and dry sandpaper so it was really smooth. It is so totally boss - quote Juno.

I made this heat pack for my mummy and put it as part of her present. It was so simple to make and i filled it with rice, dried lavender and a few drops of lavender oil and it smells divine and it's made my material and sewing cupboard smell so yummy!

oh and of course no birthday is complete without home made cards (well at least not in this household) although bad, bad me i didn't make Morgan's card this year. I think this is the only card i have ever actually BROUGHT him! Here's the ones made for Mamma (by the way that's my mum on the front - how cute was she!?) and even my brother had a go at making a card - the purple one with a bee on it :)

But alas the birthday week is not over yet! Morgan's having a friend's party this coming Saturday and I said I'd make the cake. Part of me is excited about this project and the other part keeps asking why, oh why did I say I'd do this?? what we're you thinking girl! I'm hoping it all works out but think chocolate and caramel mud cake, white and dark chocolate ganache icing and marzipan. Oh and silver edible paint!!

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