Dec 19, 2008

DB Christmas Ornament Comp

ok so the rest of this post has taken a fair time coming - it's just been so busy here lately... since arriving home from our week away on our boat (post to come) I have...
attended two Christmas parties this weekend
continued sewing up some Christmas presents
and chatted it up with the some amazing ladies at our Domestic Bliss Christmas Party! Seriously so fun... there were plenty of giggles, we helped Leslie with a Christmas present idea for Nick haha and the girls even got to chat with Morgan who is now officially known as CM (Cute Morgan) oh and Fairlight was amazing sitting up till nearly 2 am chatting away..
Oh girls, one day to do a catch up for real!

So these are my Christmas ornaments I made for the Domestic Bliss Trim your Tree Competition (make sure to check out the comment sections for links to the other girls home made decorations). I made these while we were on our boat (Yes I lugged all my craft supplies, the sewing machine, the iron and my new mini table-top ironing board onto our boat! and it may just have been one of the smartest and funnest ideas I have had yet!) I didn't really get time to create a little tutorial like Jess's amazing one but these decorations are so simple to make...

Fancy pegs:
- wooden clothes pegs
- scrapbooking paper

simply measure and cut scrapbooking paper to fit side of peg and glue on with a glue stick! I am totally in love with making these little fellas actually I just brought another whole bag of wooden pegs to make some more :)
they are fantastic for hanging Christmas cards onto a bit of twine or ribbon (es
pecially if you live in the southern hemisphere and are used to your fans spinning around so fast that they blow your cards everywhere!) I have also been using them to attach cards to presents - they look so cute!

simple circle garland:
- scrapbooking papers (cardstock type)
- contrasting thread

For my garland I cut three different sizes circles out of remnants of cardstock and sewed a straight stitch down the middle of a small circle then randomlybegin placing the next circle under the sewing foot as I went. Make sure to tie the ends of too. This little garland is strung across some of my pictures at the moment and look so pretty. I also think it would make a lovely garland for a party no matter what the season. simple but effective :)

Paper Angels:
- scrapbooking cardstock
-contrasting thread

Make an angel (or any symmetrical shape) template.
I folded the cardstock then traced the angel template onto the paper and cut out.
laying the angel flat, piece two pieces of cardstock together and sew down the middle with a straight stitch. tie of both ends. I then cut the bottom threads off and tired the top threads into a knot to hang the angels. fold right sides together to make angel 3d.

I then spray painted some twigs gold and placed in a small pot as my own little Christmas 'tree' for my room :)

oh and is anyone else loving that I have my camera back - the shots are so delicious and sharp!!


  1. kt these are gorgeous! i especially love the decorated clothespins. what a super cute way to display your christmas cards!!

  2. So fun chatting with you last night! Sorry about all the crazy computer trouble over here...

    And I love your ornament ideas- can't wait to read more details!

  3. These look like they belong in a magazine. Stunning work, young lady. PS- I had so much fun talking to you and CM last night!

  4. KT!!! I just recieved a package full of sweetness from you the other day! Thank you darling it was all truly amazing I especially loved the little pouch you made and the clothspin oh and the reversable cloth coasters oh and the magnets lol I loved it all you are the sweetest...have you gotten mine yet? I hope so !! Love you and missed chatting with you the other night at the DM party!!

  5. always love chatting with you KT! Always.