Dec 6, 2008

Gifting with style.

A simple idea for your Christmas wrapping...
I have become a little obsessed with making these pillow gift boxes. I had no idea they were so easy and fun to make! Even Morgan was pretty impressed when I glued it together and pushed the sides in and it all popped out an he let out a little "Cool" lol.
I used scrap booking paper for mine, the thicker cardboard type with colour on both sides (America Crafts brand I'm pretty sure) Just be careful not to press too hard with the scallop, I did that with one of mine :(

I got my instructions from here, using this template and check out her amazing dove gift tags too.

Happy beginning of the Christmas Season all!


  1. I definitely rate that a "Cool" too. Thanks for sharing the directions!

  2. love these! what a great idea...i'd probably love the box even more than the gift!

  3. those are so extremely adorable KT! Can't wait to give those a try!

  4. I love making these! I usually make them for gift cards and such. But mine aren't nearly as cute as yours. I normally use plain colored heavy scrapbook paper and then tie it up with a big sparkly ribbon.