Dec 4, 2008

Monkey Business

As promised..

The sock monkey I made for a work colleague.
I was pretty happy with how he turned out all bright and stripy. My colleague didn't want any buttons on the animal as it was for a newborn baby, so I tried to embroider the eyes like these amazing monkeys, but had no luck! I ended up unpicking it (for the second time) and then I had made a hole, which got bigger and bigger. I thought he was ruined but dad came up with the idea of making felt eyes and covering up his scar underneath. And all ended well for Mr Monkey! And for me making a small profit on the side - yeah!

and sorry for the dodgy photos I am STILL waiting on my camera to come back from Nikon uggh! I really miss it!


  1. Looks like a success to me very cute!

  2. oh he is cute. I want to make some of these.. did you use Amanda's tutorial, I know she posted one awhile back.

  3. he is beyond adorable. LOVE him! i just shipped 21 monkeys to my sister for a craft show she is participating in. i knitted little caps to top their heads...but i simply LOVE your little rendition! :)

  4. Wow, this little guy is just so cute!! You've done such a great job. I think there's an art to getting sock monkeys to look really good, and looks like you've mastered it. I hope your colleague likes him!