Dec 12, 2008

Flashback Friday...

Aunty Kathy, my dad and Aunty Susie
circa 1959?
once again all kids are sporting

Yay Friday you are here!! And I am excited because along with the end of a very long and tiring week you bring a weeks holiday to me and my family. So girl's this is me signing off till next Friday - we're off for a week on our boat we're we'll hopefully be catching some sunshine and splashing around like these little cuties. And oh my how I need it - feeling so very frazzled at the moment!
Now...if only my swimming cosies were that cute :)

And...I picked my camera up yesterday all fixed so I will have some photos to share and, it didn't cost me at all! I think it might have been because I was honest with the fact that I dropped it and it was God's way of blessing me for my honesty. Thank you lord.. that could of been an expensive exercise!

so, c you Friday
and hope to catch up with many of you girls at the DB Christmas Catchup!


  1. I hope you have TONS of fun KT! And can't wait to see PICTURES :) Love you dearly!!

  2. Have a blast Katie! Can't wait to see your pictures! We'll be so excited to have you back!