Oct 31, 2009

being still on a saturday afternoon.

I saw this over on Ali Edward's blog (if you like scrap booking you will love her blog!) - she was inspired by this and thought it was a lovely little quiz to play along with...

Outside my window... yummy fresh springtime smells, a soft breeze, a little sunshine and blue sky (finally) - yay!

I am thinking... of traveling to the USA for our blog meetup & all the fun & planning between now & then!! seriously my head is spinning with fun ideas & wedding crafts which this lady & this one are going to help me with! & the fun this lady and I will get up to too!

I am thankful for ... lovely friends & one who has just completely blessed my socks today! again, thank you!

From the kitchen... burrito's & tacos for my brother (his fav meal) for when he gets home from school tonight for our 'sibling date'
+ fresh watermelon & choc mint drumsticks - my treats for the week :)

I am wearing... dark denim skinny jeans, white t-shirt with gold braiding, no shoes and my glasses.

I am creating... a shopping list for this weeks meal plan (my parents are holidaying on an island off the coast of Brisbane, Stu is at school and I am fending for myself for the week!).
+ also some more laptop cozies.

I am going ... to Spotlight, very soon! & will try (really hard!) not. to. buy. anymore. fabric!!

I am reading ... 'Before you plan your wedding, plan your marriage' together with M. It was an awesome engagement gift from my parents-in-law-to-be. Where only up to chapter one, but I will let you know how it is.

I am hoping... for a kitchenaid mixmaster for our kitchen!

I am hearing... this song. I love the words.

Around the house ... lots & lots of cleaning - fresh sheets, fresh laundry, vacuumed & dusted rooms & a feeling of accomplishment. Now on to chats with my brother who just walked in the door as we catch up on whats been happening in our lives this week.

One of my favourite things ... the fact that summer & the Christmas season is coming up! I'm dreaming of beach days, picnics, boating trips, swimming, cute summery dresses, cocktails, nigh time bbq's & delicious salads - I am SUCH a summer girl!

A few plans for the rest of the week ... college. college. college. and to actually get started on my final assessment which I have been slightly putting off!

A picture to share ...
I was going through the old photos the other night and here are...
the original young lovers.
at Grandma's 21st birthday/their engagement party.

ps. I want that dress!

please play along if you'd like to too, ok?


  1. I love this little list! A fun read for my Sat morning. :)

  2. Hi KT...I've been lurking at your blog for a couple of years now (I found you through Chelle, who has been a chum since...well, since as long as I can remember!). It's so much fun to see how God is blessing you in this season of your life!

  3. I love your new blog header!!! So sweet and creative, just like you. I totally stole your photo booth and mustache idea for a tailgater party the student leadership groups were doing for our last home football game Friday night and it was a huge success. I'll try to get some pics posted. Thanks for inpiring me, as always. xoxoxo

  4. You Are Amazing!
    I cannot believe all of the creativity flowing out of you. You are truly an amazing woman. I so adore all of your thoughts and how things come alive when you simply touch it. It reminds me of Chelle, such a knack at creating. I would say that God gave you a little piece of Him to shine on others. The gift of creating beauty with the things you touch.
    I am amazed at so much, but one is you TWISTER QUILT! Oh My Goodness! Sigh! I cannot believe it. I LOVE it. And how you simply Whip things out. Good grief.
    Girl I love you.
    And OH! Those photos! Great job to your bridesmaid! Lovely.
    XOX Minta
    P.S. I am so jealous! I just wish I had a DROP of your talents!