Jan 24, 2013

life lately according to my iphone

(and Mr A's too!)
1. New $13 glass tea pot. I LOVE it!
2. next DIY project... thinking dark grey upholstery.
3. Mr A gets a new haircut (and style). Mrs A is a fan... a BIG fan!
4. dessert for two
5. You know sometimes when you just win at dinner. This was one of those times chicken, grilled capsicum and eggplant stack. yum yum yummy!!!
6. just me. in the mirror. in my new top
7. someone desperatly wants some of my chicken vietnamese roll
8. Mr A (and his new hair do) sends me kisses while at work aaaw!


  1. That teapot is awesome! I love glass teapots and what a bargain too.

    1. I love it too :) I got it from Suzanne's - love their random homeward and gift items :)

  2. I love the tea pot and the shirt! They're both adorable! Good luck with the reupholstering! :-)

    1. Hi Susannah!! Thanks so much for the comment and for the wishes re the reupholstery - I may need it ;)