Jan 23, 2014

my Jesus is in the house!

It's true that my faith and my Jesus are very important to me. The other day as I was browsing Etsy I came across some lovely inspirational christian quotes, which I think would be lovely to hang in any room (we have the Zephaniah Print in our lounge room). + they were so sweet I thought I just had to share in case you wanted to hang them in your room too  :) 

1.How Great Thou Art print by Printable Wisdom
2. We have this hope print by Printable Wisdom
3. Faith is by Printable Wisdom 
4. Coffee and Jesus print by Recipe for Crazy
5. Let go and Let God print by Printable Wisdom
6. Psalm 39:7 print by Printable Wisdom
7. Zephaniah 3:17 by Brim Papery
8. Calligraphy Hymn Canvas by Lettered Life Shop


  1. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes I feel as though we must share the same brain or something- because what have I been doing lately? Working on finding some more modern art for our house and desperately trying to find some that are scriptural or somehow Jesus-related. :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my canvas! This collection is lovely and your blog is wonderful! :)