Apr 9, 2008

a sweet conversation...

a conversation i had with Morgan last night:

Me: *in excited tones* Guess what I joined up for today!?
Mgn: ummm...
Me: an online apron swap!!!
Mgn: oh....cool?!?
Me: You think it's one of the stupidest ideas you've ever heard, hey?
Mgn: I only just got used to the idea of a house swap and now, NOW your swapping aprons?!

but the way he said it, the confused tones in his head and the way I could see the little clogs in his brain clicking over and trying to process this vital information was just so funny!

It seems he has a long way in understanding the concept and excitement of a swap. Of being able to make something personal and special for someone else and getting something equally as special and handmade in the post just for you, making new friends and being able to bless someone else. But he will one day understand, and he will love it and until then we'll just take these foreign ideas with baby steps :)

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