Apr 13, 2008

Mgn's birthday cake..

over 900 gram's of melted chocolate...
8 eggs!
one superb and overly large birthday cake for my little drummer!

This is The Cake that I made for morgan's 18th which involved an awful lot of 'googling' for cake and icing recipes etc. The bottom layer was a chocolate mud cake and the top layer was a caramel mud cake - they were both as equally as scrummy and very rich! The icing was white chocolate ganache on the top and dark chocolate ganache on the side. I then used marzipan to mould the drum brackets (with morgan's much needed help at 10 o'clock at night because I was stressing!) these were then painted with edible silver paint. The strawberries were added at the last minute because i felt that it needed abit of colour and we dipped them in white chocolate and laid them on a bed of cream :)

The bottom layer actually took two goes to make, because I decided to use a 12" pan (which we hired out from a local cake shop) because basically I'm insane and like to make things hard for myself. The first recipe, which was a chocolate mud cake I made from scratch was too dense and because of the size of the pan the outside was crunchy and the middle would just not cook and so it ended up collapsing in on itself. But mummy came to the rescue (who knew mother's actually know so much :P) and she saved the day by suggesting using this chocolate packet cake recipe which you could add melted chocolate and cream to make it into a mudcake. Because it was not as dense and heavy the 3 packet quantity cooked quite well at 150 degrees for a little more than an hour. And we also saved the original cake which turned into more of a pudding which we served with cream as a dessert when we took some friends out on the boat - still just as yummy and liked even more than the drum cake by some people!

and here's a picture of us with the cake, so you can see just how big it is in comparison to our heads! Morgan seems pretty engrossed in it!

and now we have cake coming out of our ears (and our freezer) and when guests come over we try and feed them large amounts of cake. In fact we're having our good friend's Sam and Leesa over for dinner on Saturday night and when she asked if they could bring dessert I was all "ah remember that massive cake?..."

I'm pretty pleased with the end result although I would of liked to have some drum sticks placed on the top of the bigger cake (but Morgan didn't have any new ones that weren't chewed up and do you know how much those little pieces of wood cost??). I also would of liked to have made some brand labels but ran out of time. I've also realised that marzipan is an art form and I probably should have cut and dented it neatly before putting it around the cake. Oh well, I enjoyed making it and the taste was subperb (I'm so in love with ganache icing!) BUT I don't want to bake or look at another cake for at least 3 months!

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