Apr 30, 2008

updating (because I haven't in so long!)..

oh dear! has it really been over two weeks since my last post? i mean really, two weeks!?! That went fast! I'm sorry friends for my slack effort I really don't have any excuse but here's a little update of what I've been doing during my time of 'blogging silence'...

Winter is coming and it's getting colder and colder around here now. Every year I seem to forget how cold winter can be or how much I hate getting out of my warm bed in the mornings and we don't even get any snow! The worst we get is ice on our cars in the morning which happens so occasionally that when it does we all freak out because oh my gosh, the car is frozen!! I've welcomed this change of seasons with a head cold-flueing thing (not so much fun and which I have thoughtfully given to many of my office colleagues because I'm nice, like that :S) this was also in time for the long weekend (erk!) But the weekend was not wasted, it was one of those relaxing weekends that has been a long time coming :) Morgan and I made a big pot of minestrone soup (my mumma's recipe) and we had pumpkin soup (Morgan's mum's recipe) for dinner the next night yum! It was so fun having him in the kitchen with me chopping and preparing food and chatting away*grin* There was also abit of sewing and crafting, dinner parties with good family friends, big family breakfasts with banana and raspberry pancakes - which dad was flipping into the air for our entertainment like he used to do when we were little and we would dare him to see if he could hit the roof with the pancake!(we have really high ceilings) and we watched nearly 2 seasons of Friends that M just brought. I was too young when Friend's first came out and so I missed out on it the first time round but now I'm older I love it, it's just so funny and has quickly become an obsession for M (and me).

I made these little guys (and the elephant) from the sock animals book for my cousin Larissa who ordered some to give away as gifts to her friends as she loved the ellie and chops I made her. I don't usually like to make heaps of things the same but she insisted on having the lambs the same colour as hers and not white like in the book so i made one like that, because the first one was so cute!
They are off to their new homes today.

and these booties and the doll were just sewn for fun and added into the parcel for Keara as a little thank you. The booties are corduroy and cotton with little suede soles (so very soft!). The pattern for the doll is Emily's from The Black Apple which you can find here and the shoe pattern I found here. They were just so cute and simple that I had to give them a try!

And I finally got around to framing and hanging up the print Morgan brought me for Christmas, which is good cause I've decided that it looks so much better on the wall :)

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