Apr 14, 2008

made with love

As promised, Morgan's birthday present from GranJen. (this is his Aunt's mother who lives with his Aunt, uncle and cousin's and is basically a second grandma)

i think it's cute and slightly better than the time she 'fixed up' the hem on some suit pants for morgan's cousin, Aaron (which he borrowed to wear to a formal night) and put denim cuffs on the bottom, because apparently she saw it in the shops and it was fashionable hehe!

Apparently she made one for me too which had 'Katie loves Morgan' and 'K 4 M' engraved on it. But the kiln was too hot and the darker colours ran into each other and you couldn't read anything. So i got a mug with flowers on it. But i have requested a matching 'K 4 M' one because, personally i think its just so cute!

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