May 28, 2008

doing as the russians do in mexican restraunts..

I made this card for my friend Leesa's birthday last Saturday. She has a facination and love with these little guys (see here) and what better present to be in that little bag than a set of babushka dolls in red and black (as Leesa calls the colours of their lives). aren't they cute? They sat and had dinner with us.

and Heres M and I and the litle rat is not wearing his sombero! grr he is also pulling his 'yeew' face, which is not my most favourite but this is the only photo I have of us on the night. This is also my new haircut! I had about 6 inches cut off and a new colour. I love it and it is so easy to manage. I'm thinking of going a little shorter next hair cut so it is in more of a bob. But as I haven't had my hair this short since I was about 4 I thought I should do it more gradually... and have fun with more hairstyles on the way!

and heres the birthday girl and her husband Sam complete in sombero gear. The funny thing was that out of all the people who actually wore somberos (one of Leesa's-crazy-requests, and there has been a few of these!) we all brought them from the same shop, so it looks like we are just passing the hats around but there truelly was more than 2 people at our table wearing somberos in this little mexican restraunt. Hurray for cheap $2 shops that actually charge $3.95! grr...moving on.

I also must make mention to Sam's suave jacket.. which I don't think I'm supposed to tell anyone that they got it from Aldi. Ah Aldi my love for you is large! avocados are always 69 cents and then there is the excitement of never knowing what random items you will find in the 'random section'. I have brought a yoga video, morgan has brought a GPS system and Leesa and Sam even brought a violin! which they returned because neither of them knew how to play it hehe (I don't think I was supposed to mention that either... :) Do any of you have stories of crazy things you have found in Aldi?
I'm excited because they are currently building an Aldi within 2 mins of my house yay! like really excited. as in I should not. be. this. excited about a grocery store!

and thats whats been keeping me busy lately, thoughts of Aldi, work and trying to get my sassy apron swap complete. I should finish it tonight so I can post it Friday.. why did it suddenly just start working the week before it was due?! Before the fabrics would just not be friends and go together nicely!


  1. thanks for your very sweet comments on my blog recently kt! i love those dolls too, there is definitely a mini trend for them at the moment. your card is beautiful!

  2. so nice to "meet" you too... how cute is that card, and how fun of a group do you guys look in those hats.... :)

    My MIL calls all her granddaughters babooshkas, his whole family is Russian after all, I always think it would be fun to get her a set of dolls that has 5 in them for all her granddaughters.. :)

    fun spot here.... love it and will be back... thanks for your sweet comments, it blessed me.


  3. That's the cutest idea Leslie!

    I bought these ones of Ebay and I'm pretty sure they were only $7 AUS plus postage. they are super cute!

  4. Love your card! It's absolutely darling.