May 7, 2008

NO way!

Yes way.. the toner salesman came into work yesterday he left a business card magnet and a sticker (boring!) and these cute bags of old fashion looking lollies. At the moment our receptionist is away for 4 weeks visiting her new grandson in the US and so I've taken over and I never knew it would be this good seriously, you get lollies!? (and when it's slow i get to crochet!!) and on closer inspection i realised that yes indeed written inside the candies is the company's name 'Toner Direct'! I just thought this was very cool!

Then I remebered how my good friend Luke went to a wedding back in March and as part of their wedding favours they gave little bags of the same type of candy with their names written in it! So i did a google search and found them everywhere (including here here and here!) and check out some of the flavours... blueberry, butterscotch, mango, raspberry, strawberry, cola, passionfruit, watermelon, kiwi, wildberry, apple, cherry, musk etc etc etc!

also the lollies were really yummy my favourite were the yellow ones (passionfruit) mmmm!
and check out these ones for the westpac bank hehe :)

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