May 15, 2008

Today is the day!

Today 15th May 2008 is Compassion Day< 243 children have been sponsored,wait make that 248 wow! I'm stoked that everytime I press refreash the numbers keep going up! The aim this year is to have 1,500 from Haiti and the Dominican repbulic sponsored (by YOU!) so jump on to the compassion website and get involved or even send in a donation. Sponsorship is only $44 a month and does make a huge difference!

and for those of you in Australia you can also tune in to your local christian radio station (theres a link on the compassion webpage) or the Australian Christian channel and listen in as you are confronted by the issues and poverty that face these nations and the work that Compassion does in these areas. Have a little read about Haiti here.

Don't let this oppourtunity to make a difference in a family and small child's life pass you by! As soon as I got my first full time job I knew I wanted to sponsor a child and have been blessed to sponsor a sweet 5 year Halima from Malawi, Africa. Sponsorship is such a blessing both to the child, their family and to the sponsor. Through sponsorship Halima is now attending school (her parent's could not afford to send her before), and sunday school, and have been given items such as crops and seeds for their garden and I feel so blessed to know that little me has made such a big change to someone's world.

oh and ps. you can also check out the work that compassion do at their blog.


  1. I am a compassion sponsor of a little girl in Haiti and it is so little money. It's just one of the best things I have ever done. Very humbling...
    Oh, and by the way, you won the tell me about your blog name contest so email me your postal address at petrafanella[at]gmail[dot]com and I will send your goodies your way. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. yay!
    you, YOU (and your family) are awesome!
    and yes it is so little money once a month compared to the impact it is having in someone else's life :)