Jan 22, 2009


Remember the free bag tutorial from Oh Fransson that I posted about here? Well I finally got a chance to make it For Morgan's sister Paige as a combined Christmas/Birthday present. I used Amy Butler's wall flower fabric (from her Lotus collection) that i have been hoarding for just such a project. I just adore the end result.

button detail.
white fabric with white lace fabric over the top for added texture.

I found the tutorial overall very easy to follow (especially as the tutorial is full of photos, which really helps!) & the end result is a really sturdy and very cute tote :)
The only trouble I had was getting the pleat to sit nicely, as I did the shorter strap version, which has a deeper pleat.
But I say...
definitely try this pattern for yourself... I know I'm going to make another one for me :)

photo by morgan.
'fashion-mag style'

ps. Wanna see where I was when I sewed this up? (haha that was kinda a strange question!):

yeah, I totally brought my sewing machine along with me when we went away for that week on our boat (along with the iron, and my new mini ironing board and scrapbooking goodies, which I used to make some decorations for the Domestic Bliss Christmas comp). I figured it was a house boat, so that must have meant that I was allowed to :D. Miss Fairlight also informed me that she once took hers to a motel once, while her husband had a work doo, so that made me feel better about taking it along. Thanks Fairlight!

And wanna know something else, it must have been the amazing scenery but I didn't get frustrated once. Not even when i had to unpick the whole row of topstitching around the top and handles of the bag. I was able to jump off the back of the boat, swim abit, then continue sewing while soaking in the scenery and sunshine and enjoying a cocktail and bikkies and cheeses. I'm thinking this should definitely be the way we all sew all the time.
If I was Queen...


  1. Oh my goodness, KT!! Your talent never ceases to amaze me, for the tote is so beautiful!! That sister of Morgan's is a lucky girl to be recieving such a sweet gift from such a sweet girl ;)
    I LOVE that you sewed it all up on the house boat!! That should indeed be the way to do every craft!! You have started something :)

    Love you sweet friend

  2. That photo is amazing. That bag is darling.. but I do wish I could sew like that all the time!!

  3. by the way I do have a kitchenaid and I adore it! I got it as a wedding gift from my mother in law.

  4. I love it! You're going to get a ton of compliments when you wear it out, you'll see! :)

  5. Very pretty! SO chic and hip. :)
    You do such great work with that sewing machine.

  6. that is fabulous...LOVE it! i mught just have to try one. and oh my, i LOVE that you brought your sewing machine on the house boat...

  7. Okay, that bag could not have turned out more gorgeously! Wow, it'sjust so amazing. But no, suprise there, with your talent...and I have to say that picture of you sewing away on your boat is one of the absolute cutest sights I have ever seen. ;)