Jan 26, 2009

I Love a Sunburnt Country

Happy Australia Day from us to you!
(note M's southern cross window decal)

What a great day. A day to celebrate just how blessed we are to live in this country. This country where we are free. Free to have our opinions. Free to meet together and worship our God. A country of such opportunity and such cultural diversity.

I love the contrast that is Australia - I love the dry and orange outback, the busy metropolitan cites, our amazing beaches & coastlines, the north tropics & rain forests, the deserts, the country farms, the rolling green hills, the southern snowfields & the Aussie bush and wildlife.

I love that we are only a small country but we are mighty.

It was so great to see so many cars today driving around with flags attached, houses with flags flying high and numerous people sporting green and gold. I have never remembered Australia day being such a big deal - I'm proud to see Aussies taking such pride in this country - the great south land of the holy spirit.

We spent the day soaking in summer and relaxing, enjoying lamb on the barbie for lunch and then CM and I snuck down to the waterfront where we cuddled under an umbrella (in a slight drizzle), met up with friends and watched the fireworks. It was just lovely.

and that was me being rather patriotic!
I just love my country - Aussie slang and all ;) (referring to this post)


  1. I enjoy your blog for so many reasons; one of them is that I learn more about Australia. If the truth were known - I know embarrassingly little about your country. -Just the stereotypes and generalizations that annoy you. ;)
    Sounds truly lovely!

  2. Kt, I love reading about your wonderful home, Australia. It really sounds so lovely, and if there weren't so many strings attached here, I might have just packed up and moved out there myself :) I have always heard nothing but good things about Australia and your accents are the best :)

    Love you

  3. Happy Australia Day, KT! Guess what! I finished my dress for Anna and will hopefully take pics and put it on my blog tomorrow. I think you're gonna love it.

  4. oh KT. Happy Australia day.. sweet girl... so glad you had fun.

    Amazing how similar your is to our 4th of July... :) fireworks cuddle freedom, throw in some strawberry shortcakes and there isn't much difference..