Jan 5, 2009

popping in...

morgan's puppy Bronte.
taken boxing day 08.

Just popping in to say that I am still here, just catching my breath after the busy last couple of weeks and organizing, organizing myself this last week before I have to go back to work (& enjoying lots of beach days, cause it has been super hot :P). There is also lots of crafting to be done and things to show and this lazy butt to kick back into gear, not to mention a new year to embrace - no matter how daunting it seems at the moment and how it makes my head spin. I hope you each had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and New Year. I can't wait to catch up with you all!

kt x


  1. Missing you KT! But I totally understand. I'm there myself. Hugs and lots of love to you dear girl.

  2. Whew! It is hard to get back into a routine after ths holidays isn't it? I am so right there with you! I have missed you.
    We were on vacation visiting my family for a week and I was not on line at all for the whole week. I feel a bit out of touch with the blogging world.
    I wish you a wonderful happy new year full of growth and pleasant surprises.

  3. Always thinking of you dear, and missing you of course! Hoping you are having an amazing new year and soaking up all that beautiful weather!

    Love you