Jan 31, 2009

a tad disjointed.

I've been playing around with poladroid while waiting for M to come home tonight.
It's fun! You even get to shake it around the screen and watch it develop like a real polaroid!
I've been wanting to try it ever since I came across it a few months ago. And now they have a windows version (yay!) which I finally got to work on my computer.
If you haven't given it a try yet go and download it now, it's such a blissful waste of time :)

** update on Callan. My friend sent me a txt to let me know that the surgery went well and he should come off the ventilator today and then begin the slow process of recovery. Thank you God and thanks girls for your prayers, they are such a blessing. Please continue to pray for a quick and miraculous recovery and for peace for this family.

** update on the sale - we have had some set backs with the buyers stalling and wanting more builders reports and inspections. There's to be one more builders report (which dad as an owner builder is going to oversee) this week but we have been advised they are still very keen to buy. We went to an auction today for a house we love (adore) and want, but is a bit out of our price range (or so we thought) there was not one bid. It was such a quick auction. The auctioneer entered the vendor's reserve price - which was the same as mum and dad's top price and still no one was bidding. Mum and dad don't want to do anything until our contracts have exchanged, but these people have come into much financial difficulty and must sell for whatever they can get. Which although I feel very sad for them, is a great position for us. If we get this house it will definitely be a god thing & all praise will be his! Now if only our contracts would finally go through!

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now go and kiss your sweetie ...!! (I know you want to!)

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that your friend is going to be okay!! Still lifting her up for a good recovery! Love the neat pictures KT, I'll have to try that out!!