Jan 22, 2009

with love from 'downunder'

So the shower that WAS (and the excitement and wonder that was wound up in it) still lives on girls! Last night dear Leslie sent me an email saying she had gotten photos of her kiddies in their outfits I made (more here) and sent over as part of my package for her baby shower. Little Cade is now 3 months old and able to fit into his 'kanga outfit' (kangaroo pouch, with kangaroos on it) and Leslie was so nice to take some gorgeous snapshots of them to show me. And with a photographer as a mumma, I knew these photos would look gorgeous (which they of course are!)
I was so excited to see what they would look like and was speechless and awed when I popped on over to Leslie's blog. There is something so cool about seeing something you made (with much love) and sent half way round the world, in the anticipation of mini man's arrival, actually being worn by these two little cuties and knowing they are loved.

Leslie, thank you for sharing these and I am so glad you love the outfits (and that they fit) and that they inspired you to take some photos of your two cuties together as they are now, cuddly and sweet together, hands in each others pockets and all :D You have made my day!
Love you guys!
Kt xx

more photos on Leslie's blog here.


  1. Oh yes, how much fun it was to see your precious outfits on those two little darlings...oh so sweet!

    You are one amazing girly and I truly adore, admire and love you my friend.

  2. I loved peeking over there and seeing your beautiful work on her adorable munchkins!! You are so talented, my sweet friend! Loves to you from "upover" :)


  3. I will love these photos of them forever, and when I see them I will always always think of you and your sweet heart. By the way Cade uses that blanket almost every day.... everyone asks me where I got it!

    Love you sweet girl!