May 19, 2009

invited again (because obviously we just like throwing partys!)

Wow... where do you start when you have not posted in forever?
When trying to get over a case of the blues?
How about the fun this lady and I got up to last Saturday?
A day which turned out to be just what I needed. A little break from the mundane and lots of fun! A great shopping trip with my boy in the morning, so much fun (I love when he buys me things!), lunch out together and an evening with a friend who just gets me. Playing with paper, ribbons, stamps and the niftiest little inventions ever sharing fun songs and a really yummy dinner with her and her hubby! And asking each other - Are you going to blog about this? hehe
Niki - thank you for a wonderful evening, I love you!

So Niki's craft room...
OH MY GOODNESS!! it's like a candy shop - this lady has everything. Over 2500 stamps, huge amounts of paper, inks, ribbon, embossing stuff, a cuttlebug (I think I still need to see this in action Nik ;) tonnes of cutters and so much stuff I'm sure I didn't even see! I brought over my little jar of ribbons and my suitcase sized craftyness - it looked silly in comparison.
We made these cute little invitations for my 21st which is coming up next month. They were really simple to make. We printed 4 invites on A4 special inky paper (it's really smooth and makes inks bold in colour and not washy). Then we used the guilatene to cut them and the black paper to size. Stuck the black paper and ribbons on with double sided tape, used a fun little corner cutter to soften the edges and then Niki stamped the word 'Fun' while I glued the buttons on. Simple and effective, slightly sophisticated for a 21st but bright and fun too :)

Here are a few of my favourites:

oh and we stamped the cutest little lolly bags (which I forgot to take a pictures of) - will share soon.
and yeah it was, fun!


  1. Hey they are amazing invitations babe. i noticed u blanked out my address in the photos! haha

  2. Thanks hunky :)
    yeah I did... so easy on iphoto, will have to show you.
    Also.. *edit note*

    THANK YOU to my Morgie who sat and wrote all the invitations and envelopes for me why i did school work - you are the best!!!

  3. Such gorgeous invitations. Isn't it fun organising your 21st. I had so much fun doing mine.

  4. cute Kt like always...
    and thanks for your sweet email...
    your such a doll, dying to hear how school is going!!

  5. cute Kt like always...
    and thanks for your sweet email...
    your such a doll, dying to hear how school is going!!

  6. As much as I have missed you KT, I know you are having so much fun planning your 21st, as I can see from those adorable invites! I also especially love the "guess hooo" below! So cute!
    Hope you beat the blues, and remember that I am always an email away :)

  7. Lovely invites! I so enjoy seeing your artistic creations. :)

    I'm sorry to hear about the blues. :( I will be praying for you KT, I know life can be a bit overwhelming some times.

  8. Oh they turned out so darling I can hardly wait for you to have your party so we can see pictures of your little happy birthday brunch...

    CM isn't going to be okay with this but we already decided it's fine with us if you don't make enough money to quite get home...we'd be happy to keep you.

  9. OOOH! So wishing I were there to see you at your 21st! What a special time. And to enter this time in your life learning more of something you love. WOW! Remember that I am thirty and cannot believe that I was turning 21 almost ten years ago. Time goes so quickly Katie, and you will be so very soon, onto the next phase of your life. Just stay focused and love in the midst of crazyness.
    We love you and I wish this could allll be fun and enjoyable.
    Look forward to this fun week coming up very quickly!
    I SOOO look forward to having you grace our presence! YAY!!
    X's and O's,

  10. P.S. Your cards are TOO darling! I so do not have an eye for this kind of thing! Lucky you darling!

  11. Hi Kt Bear! I had such fun making these with you, and I am so pleased you had a good time with us too and that it took your mind off the busyness you have been experiencing lately. I can't believe you are going to be 21, you were just 10 when we met you, and you are a true delight to know. Can't wait for your party. Love you heaps, Beautiful Kt Bear! Love Niki