May 30, 2009


Sometimes when it's rainy and cold outside all you want to do is stay in bed...
like ALL day!
But seriously as the weather gets colder we are having real trouble trying to get this little one out of bed everyday!
And no my puppy isn't usually allowed on the beds. He usually sleeps in his little foam tee-pee box, but he had just had a bath last night, was super clean and fluffy and I was home alone.. and how could I resist this face?
I say... snuggle on down.
And pretend like their isn't this crazy lady trying to take a dozen pictures of you while you are 'trying' to sleep!


  1. He he! So cute! I can see how this may be hard to resist.
    I am so thrilled to see you on here so often!
    How is the planning coming along???
    Love you so!

  2. How cute! Love the layout! Is it new?

  3. What cute pics and love the new look for the blog:)