May 30, 2009

Stylin it

Well the cold and rainy morning has turned into a cold and rainy day.
It's nice to be snug inside and getting lots done on an assessment.
I was finally able to get this little one out of bed (so I could make it) but now he's retired to his cozy chair in front of the fire and is still sleeping! He was also really happy when I pulled his little puffer jacket out of storage - all tail wags.
He really hates having his photo taken, can you notice the icy glare?!
And you can't really see in these photos but his little jacket has little buttons down the front.
super styling it up puppy :)

oh and this is the chair I brought to do up for my room, still in it's bad condition. Hopefully I can start fixing it up next holidays. I know I want to do a bold funky pattern - any fabric ideas anyone?


  1. Cute jacket... That sure is one super stylish puppy... *^_^*

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  2. sweet can I possibly express my thanks to you for our most amazing package... it arrived safely and every single piece of it is just perfect and darling...and I adore it/you.
    but more on that later. just wanted to leave you a really fast and BIG FAT THANK you knew it had arrived and how much we love the lovely things you made for our wee Jack boy.