May 24, 2009

Kt Mac's Mac

To say I love my laptop would kind of be an understatement..
It's always with me, I use it everyday, it houses all of my important stuff and have found it so convenient, particularly when taking notes and doing work at college or on the train. So of course if it is going to be covered - it's just going to have to do it in style ;)
So yesterday (when I should of been doing assessments for school) I decided to bring out my sewing machine - to keep me sane, ya know! And I whipped up this lap top cozy which I have been meaning to make for months!

The outside fabric is Amy Butler's French Wallpaper Duck Egg and the inside fabric is one of Spotlight's new quilters fabric.

I may have gone a little overboard with the enclosure (it has both a velcro and elastic enclosure) Although the elastic is mainly for decoration as I felt it needed a little more something. The wadding I used is a fusible wadding, which I also highly recommend, maybe for sewing items like heavy duty bags as well, or light weight quilts? It's a little bit more pricey than other wadding, but so easy to use and sew over - the needle went straight through it!

nice and cozy :)

and Leslie, you asked about school.. it's going ok. We've had a lot of little assessments lately - making sample boards for commercial areas according to colour psychology, doing mini-shoe-box-style visual merchandising displays, redesigning the soft furnishings for our bedrooms and learning curtain calculations etc (uggghk!), doing presentation boards on a particular historical styles which we pulled out of a hat, building studies (yuck) and learning about load bearing walls and which walls can be taken out etc and a few group presentations too. We have also just received our first major assessment - redesigning a lounge/dining room. We got given the choice of two briefs and in my brief I am designing for a young newly married couple expecting their first baby who live on the gold coast. We got given the floor plan and information and tables for all the supporting documentation to go with it. I'm doing a sophisticated resort style feel with hardwood floors, wooden furniture, a library nook, a bit of pattern thrown in and metallic touches in accessories. It's due a few days after my 21st, so I am hoping I can get it done before then and only have the presentation boards and speeches to do during that week. So I may be missing in action soon, and if I like it I may just let you all have a little peak when it is finished too..


  1. Absolutely LOVE the laptop cover! You create such beautiful things, dear girl!!! Your birthday is sneaking up fast and I would like to get something in the mail for you but I am having trouble deciding what to send. Is there anything special that would make your heart go pitter-patter (besides CM, of course)? Sounds like school is keeping you busy, busy, busy. Write when you get a chance. Love you and am so very proud of the work you are doing!! You will have to share some of your school assessments with us.

  2. Wow are you ever a busy girl!! Whew! I can hardly imagine keeping up with all of that. Sounds like some things are just delightful and some not so much. :)

    The lap top cozy is SO sweet! I always love to pop over here and see some of your beautiful work.

  3. Oh my gosh! SO very cute. So so very cute!
    I am so glad that you posted pictures of all of this.
    We have a friend who is graduating in a week and I was going to make her a bag for her mac. :)
    So this was an awesome inspiration for me.
    Good grief! School sounds a tad overwhelming. How are you holding up? I can imagine you running around getting all of your work done. I SO look forward to the pictures of your design. I think you got a great one fromt he hat. It has a level of accomplishment and sofistication and cozy all mixed in for the new little family to be.
    Sounds lovely.
    I miss you Katie. I truly hope that you are well and able to enjoy what life is bringing.
    Loves to you!!

  4. Hi Katie! I'm katie (I think I've heard that before...:) I LOVE your laptop cover, and love the fabric even more!! All I need now is that laptop to go with it. hahah
    I definitely agree with all of you girls that I am LUCKY to live next door to Leslie...I'm afraid it will be short lived though once her amazing family finds their dream home!
    So thank you for "blog-friending" me and my spot. I can't wait to check yours out.
    (And the itty bitty dress tute was pretty clear...its only the 2nd dress I've made!)