May 12, 2010

featured (again)!

How fun is this? Our high school sweetheart love shoot has been featured on the UK wedding blog Beyond Beyond. Where they feature "preposterously beautiful and gorgeous thingymebobs that are so damn good and eyecandytastic that we wish we made them" Oh how fun to be included in that category! It seems like they really love our wedding photographer too - and who wouldn't!?
Part of the reason we choose Christine was her use of light and bokeh and she has more than lived up to her reputation in these beautiful shoots. And little did we know we'd get such a sweet friend out of the deal too! I'm so hoping one day she can teach me to shoot like that and also that I can talk the Mr into having her capture all our special 'life moments' too ... I'm working on it Christine ;)

and hooray now I have another wedding inspiration blog to follow, cause we all know I need another one of those like a whole in my head! ;)


  1. Congratulations on the feature!

    I am so very glad that I came to the blogosphere after my wedding - I think I would have burst with ideas otherwise!


  2. I would not be suprised if your photoshoot was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings or whatever the biggest big feature out there is. It's that sweet + incredible. And I am with you in loving how Christine zeros in on the lighting and bokeh. So glad you guys have become friends. That's really special.

  3. wooooot woooot! :) love you guys and can't wait to hang out again!!!!! WHEEEE! PS got your invite in the mail - LOVE LOVE LOVE! PPS mailing out your CD today, promise! :) xoxo