May 19, 2010

date night.

Because I don't want to ever forget this special date night...
Last Wednesday night was date night. yipee! Date #3 of this book and a special night together to celebrate 5 years of getting to know one another, 5 years of sillyness and fun and 5 years of falling in love with one another. over and over again.We giggled and laughed and gave each other 'hi 5's 4 5!' and really got to talk - no distractions. Just me and him being young and silly and in love. That was probably my favourite bit. And that M - we'll he went out of his way to make this a special night for me. I'd been having a bad start to the week (so may changes and big unknowns happening here at the moment) and he announced that he was taking me out to dinner and we were going to celebrate this occasion in style. With a real fancy dinner at a very lovely and posh restaurant. Which was actually a beautiful old manor style house which has been converted into a restraunt. And my main meal - well lets just say I was really sad when the last mouthful was gone. It was that yummy! When he picked me up and I got in the car that night there was a little wrapped present (with a bow) sitting on the front seat for me. He had brought me these babushka measuring cups! I so SO love them!
 Then after dinner as we hopped back into the car he handed me a small bank statement for a recently opened account. He had started a special account to save up for my one day kitchen aid mix master with some monies already set aside for it. it was a really really sweet gesture! and oh how I really love that boy :)

In other news our engagement party has been featured on the new party inspiration website A new site where you can upload images from your own parties and find inpiration from other peoples too. Jillian from catch my party found our engagement party online and asked me if she could feature us - well of course! There is also a little feature over on their blog... Thanks for loving our party so much Jillian we are honoured to be featured on your website!

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  1. I've got these measuring cups too! They're so cute and they make baking even more fun!! :D

    Sarah x