May 5, 2010

for the walls + floors.

eeek! I just saw over on Apartment Therapy that Amy Butler is going to be bringing out her own line of wallpaper for Graham and Brown. It looks so lovely and fun. I hope they make it available here in Oz. I'm not sure if I myself would do a wall in my home up, but I think they would look particularly amazing in a commercial environment! Or used in other fun crafty projects ;)
On the other hand I would gladly put one of her rugs in my home!
isn't it pretty


  1. I can so see that rug in my living room. How dreamy!!!!!

  2. Lovelyness! Perfectly crisp and warm.
    LOVE you!
    P.S. I miss you. You could always make us laugh but I really miss how sweet and calming you are.

  3. Love all of it! What if you used the wallpaper in the back of a bookcase of kitchen cupboards or pantry? Then it wouldn't be a whole wall (big commitment there!) and if it was in a bookcase, it would go with you to your next home! Love the rug too. I have such a hard time with rugs that I actually like.