May 12, 2010


 Five years ago a certain boy came into my life and took my heart off the market - for good.
I was chatting online after school one day (you know avoiding the dreaded homework) and a certain guy started chatting to me - trying to find out (for his friend) if I was interested in his friend.
but I guess he had other agendas ;)
and we haven't stopped talking since - well ok I havent stopped :)
He was just 15 and I was 16 (almost 17)!
Then four years later that boy asked me to marry him. 
I often think what it would of been like to have known at that moment that this was the guy god had in store for me and all the fun adventures we'd have together and the way we'd be there to support each other through the hard times too. Would I have known it'd be this good? That I would be this blessed?

This is the first photo ever taken off the two of us. Snapped by our good friend Corinne at school with us looking all cute and little in our school uniforms and with our school backpacks on. I really liked that uniform... I don't think I've changed all that much but I think M looks particularly baby faced here and has filled out much more since then and that maybe he has finally grown into those hands which are bigger than my head in this shot? And I think he might even be taller!? crazy crazy thought :)

Happy fifth anniversary babe.
I love you more and more each year.
I love the way we laugh and enjoy life together. I love our silly games and inside jokes. And how whenever I am unsure or stressed you will always stop right then and there to pray for me - reminding me to cast my cares onto the Lord and that his plan is greater than our own. That means the world!
I am so excited to start counting our wedding anniversaries together so soon :)
kt bear x


  1. That picture is SO sweet. I love that his hands are bigger than your head. Hahaha! :)

  2. So cute and so young! (not that you look old now - but you know what I mean right? :)

    Happy five years, may there be many many more to come. xx

  3. David and I say all the time how lovely it would be if our kids could grow up and marry thier high school sweethearts. What you two have is really extra special. Love this post. Love how you put " he took my heart off the market. " Love YOU!