May 1, 2010

small and cute!

So today went really well.
We met up with Uncle Ken (it's been since Feb since I've seen that guy!) and went through our draft ceremony layout M had typed up.
I can say I am excited over the way our ceremony is shaping up.
An outreach to family and friends, a glimpse of God's love for us and purpose for marriage, Marriage as a reflection of god's love and special moments to happen including loved family members and close friends.
And really trying to make it personal - anyone have any other lovely ideas on how to do this?
now if only we could pick and agree on some pretty songs :)

Then we answered a questionnaire for our marriage course. So the computer can well.. compute things and give an overview on our relationship strengths and the areas we need to talk on too.
I had to laugh answering a few questions and knowing exactly what M's answer was - the complete opposite to mine :) But it really encouraged me that our relationship is strong and healthy and that we have discussed so much of what we want our marriage to be like and what our expectations are, as well as chatting through answers on the way home and digging deeper into areas together.
It also made me realize again how blessed I am to have Mr M and how sweet he really is.
that sweet CM :)

So after a really lazy afternoon of watching movies, heading to the hardware store and super cheap auto (yup fiance of the year over here ;) We had a quiet night at M's house and I decided to measure and draw up the plan of 'our flat' which I've been meaning to do for awhile.
The flat is actually a cute little 2 bedroom flat above the garage at M's house. His parents have blessed us by allowing us to stay here while only paying board while we save for a deposit on our own house. Hopefully within the span of 3 or so years. It makes me giddy just thinking about it. We are also going to give the flat a fresh coat of paint and possibly possibly get a new kitchen put in! The old one is so not workable for long period of time - no lights, a TINY amount of bench space and drawers that stick shut but with a clever daddy such as I have I know we will be able to work something out that is stylish and well in budget.

So I thought I'd get all the dimensions and start designing up a new workable kitchen up :)
wanna peak at 'our place'?
this is the existing layout and furniture...
Because it is so small (and I come with a heck of a lot of stuff) we need to get clever with storage solutions - so I am on the look out for clever ways to use the space.
We will have the beautiful and spacious main bedroom and the second bedroom will become a spare room/study/craft and sewing room  (but mostly a craft room) - I'm so excited to get my own!
I am also trying to combine to kitchen dining area to make the space more workable and to give us more space overall.
 it's so very cute and I can't wait to make it look more like 'us' 
our first fun little love nest :)


  1. Wow KT - how exciting! I am sure you are bursting with ideas of how to decorate and would love to see it as it goes along.

    Glad to hear first session went well with the course too.

  2. awww, the first love nest! so so sweet. am loving to read all about your marriage prep, courses, flat planning, and seeing your beautiful engagement pics. wow! everything's coming together!

  3. Hi Katie, I'm Sarah :) I'm a big fan of your blog, and as a result of my inspiration from you I have recently started my own blog! Although it's still a little baby blog at the moment ;) Anyway, I just thought I'd introduce myself, and give you a couple of links to some space saving techniques that I thought were pretty clever, and you might find inspiring!

    Congrats on your cute little flat! :)

  4. Oh my goodness! How perfect! It's such a cozy size and you can always head downstairs if you don't feel like cooking! So excited for you and M! This is such a fun time in your life. Soak it up!