Jun 30, 2010

dry me.

I just came across this great online tea towel shop 'To Dry For' via Young House Love and I just love all their designs.  I've always had a soft spot for fun and funky dishtowels (I brought some cute birdy ones at Spotlight the other day that I plan to put some fun colourful poms on).
Here are some of my favourites:

I think I also need to get this one for M because it is totally his humor and maybe, just maybe if he owned it then he would believe in wiping up - or then again maybe not :)


  1. This is your third post I am reading, I was over the moon to see (3) next to your name in my reader! Really is great to have you about again.

    Love these tea towels - the French one and the beard are my fave.

  2. aaaw thanks Cassie - it's so good to be back and posting. I have a back log of posts half written and just hoping I can keep it up :)