Jun 16, 2010


The lovely Kat from Tea and Cupcakes has tagged me to answer this seven question meme. Which is great because hopefully this will help me get out of my non-blogging rut and back into full swing posting around here?! Well we can hope :)
So thanks for choosing me to play along Kat and here are my answers:

1.what is your favourite food?
This question is hard because I really REALLY like food! Also this past year has seen such a change in our household menu and also our tastes - so much so that this topic will have to be saved for another post. But one thing I can never resist when it's sitting in front of me is brie or cambert cheese and bikkies :) My fav take away would probably be Thai - or recently Vietnamese. And I crave fresh organic salads and juices (my current favourite being apple, pear and carrot juice), home guacamole, brushetta and lots of fresh herbs in every meal - my adore corriander and basil! I am also a BIG sushi fan. And enjoy making home made sushi - a lot! And then on the other side of this (the more unhealthy Kt side) after my recent US trip M and I have been enjoying smores in front of the fireplace at night - He loves them so that I think we may need CM care packages around here soon when our supplies run out so he can survive! ;) side note: does anyone know what bikkies we have here in Aus that are like graham crackers?
see I told you that I LOVE food!

2. What is your favourite childhood memory?
I am lucky to have had a really blessed and amazing childhood, it holds a lot of truly lovely memories. Our two week holidays to Moreton Island (off the Coast of Brisbane) hold some of the best. Mum and dad would pull us out of school for a week or two and we would pack the car full, leave home very early in the morning and spend our time swimming, beaching, 4wdriving, being pulled along behind the car on sand boards, playing with solider crabs and running up and down sandunes. Also too each trip dad would make a new sand board - which he wouldn't unveil until we were ready to leave or already at out destination. It was always exciting to see what he had come up with and how fast we could slide down the hills with it.

A close second memory is the time my crazy cousins and I were in my grandparents spa and it started to hail slightly. So instead of getting out like sensible children we instead dragged the plastic childrens chair and table set into the spa with us and held them above our heads. All except Sarey - who instead insisted on sitting there with my brothers baby floating ring on her head and making the small hail stones bounce comically of it. I love this memory because it always makes me laugh and is such a Sarey thing to do - I love how she still has that fun sense of humour!

3. What is your guilty pleasure?
Buying real living magazines - even though we monthly get sent Home Beautiful, Vogue Living and Inside out magazines too. There's just something about Real Living that totally clicks with my personal taste (and probably budget too). You can check out their blog here.
I'd also have to say fabric and craft supplies that are brought for no reason other than the fact that I liked them at the time, they inspired me and thought it could be used on a possible one day project - a rainy day kinda stash!

4. If you won $1 million tomorrow what would you do with it?
I know we would definetly buy a property that could get us a great start in life. But I wouldn't be able to keep all the money to myself. In our life M and I simply want to be 'blessed to be a blessing' and be able to have the ability to give to people in need. Some of the money would be put towards really helping people who do not have what we take for granted here in the Western world and also to help family. Was that a boring answer of what :)

5.who is your biggest inspiration?
Blogs and the amazing online crafty community out there.
But because that is such a broad answer I thought I would share the two blogs that have me at hello right now ...
smile and wave by Rachel Bowden  + ashleyannphotography
Because they have amazing homes done on a budget and with unique DIY projects, they also have great eyes for design and tonnes of eye candy on every blog post!
see ...
All images are from Ashley Ann's website.

6.what are you reading at the moment?
My parents church and small group have been going through the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and so M and I joined in too. We've finished now but I'm still reading because I am behind. I would so recommend this book - it is really clear on the bibles perspective of not just how to live your life - but how to live with purpose and really held some lovely eye openers for me. I am also still reading Before you plan your wedding plan your marriage by Greg + Erin Smalley, What Katy Did (an absolute childhood fav) and our date book too.

 7. If you had a theme song what would it be?
Wow I found this question really hard! So I txt'd M to which he replied "I don't know hun. You are so many things!" Which I thought was kinda a sweet compliment and probably quite true, especially right now. All I know is my theme song would be a total mix of tunes, genres and lyrics. It would be soft and mellow and sweet but fun to dance along with too :)

SO now I tag Fairlight, Chelle, Jacy, Leslie, Amanda, Cassie and my newest bloggy friend Becky. Who is new to blogging - so why dont you stop on over and say hi :)

oh and my questions are:
1. What book(s) are you currently reading right now?
2. Whats your favourite song ever - or just right now?
3. Whats the best piece of advice (funny or sweet) that anyone has ever given you?
4. What is the once place that you really want to visit that you haven't been to before?
5. What is your most embarassing moment?
6. What is one of your favourite family traditions you have?
7. What is something fun and inspiring you have seen online lately and would like to share with us all?


  1. Great answers! I love your two inspirational blogs. They are both daily reads of mine too. And I definately share your love or Real Living even more now that we have moved out of home. Thanks for playing!

  2. Completely honored to be mentioned! Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for tagging me! I cannot believe you don't have graham crackers!! Or "bikkies" as you call them! Do you have golden graham cereal? Because I have an awesome (and simple) recipe for s'mores bars that are delicious. So if you have golden graham cereal let me know and I'll get you that recipe. Then you'll have an endless supply of s'mores for you and M. :)

  4. Hello stranger! I am sorry I have only just spotted this little tag - so thank you very much. I am really finding it hard to post too at the moment - must be something going round!


    PS: Could we revisit the mag swap idea?

  5. Aw sweet you tagged me! Will prepare to dutifully answer your questions!

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