Aug 1, 2008

Flashback Friday

oh baby today I know exactly how you feel..why is this winter seeming to drag on forever? And why must today I be at work when I have so many ideas and creative thoughts swimming around in my head? I long to pull out my sewing machine and start something, finish a project, go for a long inspiring walk and drench in the sunshine that is today actually deciding to shine. Today i am feeling agitated and edgy and looking forward to the long weekend I am blessed enough to have and some good church fellowship on Sunday..

p.s I love your vintage lamb toys and stroller.

my aunt Susie circa 1954.


  1. Oh my gosh... I know what you mean. Some days I'm driven to absolute distraction by all of the creative ideas in my head. I now keep a visual diary on my work desk. Sometimes I need to hide it under/next to my paperwork so it *looks* like I'm writing notes when I'm actually doodling up far more interesting things.

  2. btw, I've got a little award for you on my blog! ;-)