Aug 28, 2008


Because my mind is floating everywhere at the moment and laughing at yourself for over ten days is SO not cool..

Here's a few of my internet findings this week:


Urban Outfitters fat bird jewelery stand (also comes in white) I think he's cute.
Lace cream wallet - Love the look of this wallet but it's very pricey at $150 eeP! (that AND the fact I just got a new wallet from my love :)
Camera poster from the poster list. They have some great posters and at really good prices, check them out.
windsee by Leslie of One girl Design works.
Is it wrong to want one of these when I am this big? Seriously every time Leslie puts new items in her shop she just out does herself. I love all the fabrics combination and the cuteness of these little guys!
Bird poster once again from the poster list.

PS. I also found this great site.. tonnes of free Burda patterns, sewing how to's, sewing dictionary and some really great inspiring pictures.

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