Aug 30, 2008

When God answers...

BOY does he do a good job!

- 11 salvations at youth on Friday night!!! all awesome young kids from the streets and schools from around where we live. I could hardly repeat the prayer after the preacher as I was tearing up. All I could think was how much god loves these beautiful children he created and the plan he has for their lives. As we gave each one a bible the preacher taught them how to look up scriptures and had them look up John 3:16. They then were told to cross out for god so loved the world and write in their own name. Half of them looked shocked as if we're going to cross out a scripture!?! One of the girls was just beaming as she did. And I realized just how amazingly personal the gift of god's grace and salvation is! They are all coming to our state youth alive event too. Now we are fiercely praying they will stay in the youth group and grow as they learn to live as Christ's beloved.

and then..

- another 6 at church on Sunday night!!

Can I just say our guest preacher was so great (not that my pastors not). But I really needed to hear that message. It's been awhile since a message has really gotten to me the way his did. Pulling at my heart strings and bringing down the pride and facade I often build around myself.

just had to share :)


  1. KT.. this is awesome awesome... have I told you how much I love your little spot... :)

    too much eye candy! Love those vintage birdies.

  2. I have serious chills after reading this post.'s so exciting to hear that peoples lives are being changed and to realize that they are loved by Jesus, for the very first time!

  3. Thank you for such lovely words KT Mac! I actually was making my way over here tonight when all the sudden the boys came trudding inside ready for the bedtime routine! I love your little spot and now after reading this post like Chelle said I have chills! God is so amazing in the way he works and the feeling you get when someone just realizes all they were missing before he was in their beautiful isn't it? I could cry thinking about it!
    So nice to "meet" you sweet friend!!! Looking forward to getting to know you :D