Aug 15, 2008

Flashback Friday..

My Grandpa (or 'Gramps' as he likes to sign off on his emails) had a tonne of old scanned images on his computer that I asked if I could copy onto my USB when I was over last. All of them I have seen before, know of the top of my head and even though they are before my time I can usually name the people within the image - from all those times I have poured over the family albums and listen to Grandma's stories about the people and memories contained in each one.
But I came across this image and it escapes my memory - where has this beautiful little snapshot of my Grandma been hiding?
I love it! The elegence, the gloves and the full skirt - late 50's early 60's right? And the more of look at it i actually see abit of myself in there too!
I'm off to find out more...

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

ps. I just realized the image is saved with the date, circa 1963!

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