Aug 29, 2008

Flashback Friday..

This week were flashbacking to the 1950 St Joseph's College athletics carnival. Seriously, this is way too sophisticated and glamorous for an athletics carnival right?

This College is over 150 years old and it is the school my grandpa went to, and also his three boys and the school my brother is going to next year - which he is very excited about. Did I mention it was a boarding school?

The two people on the right are my grandparents at about age 18. I love in this shot how they are not looking at the camera but rather to each other talking, laughing and flirting! And don't even try to deny that's not what was going on Gramps! ;)

And that picnic basket... so amazing!

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe!
Hopefully i will be able to finish my sassy apron swap and there can be a show and tell on Monday. Stay tuned :)



  1. Awww. Your grandparents are so cute! I love old photos like this- all the lovely details that show up in the black and white. Really sweet.

  2. Definitely not athletics attire. What an adorable photo, so sweet!

    How'd you go with your apron in the end? Manage to get it done in time? I have a tiny bit left to go on mine, but it'll be done by COB. Thankfully on Friday afternoon I found some inspiration -- about time!