Sep 12, 2008

exciting little things

Things that are exciting me today:

1. a fun-filled weekend with my boy.

2. Getting to babysit this little munchkin tomorrow:

my second cousin Keara.
In the same way that her mumma used to babysit and look after me and the same way my mumma babysat for her mumma before that - and how I just love that cycle!

2. The fact that while heading to work this morning and picking up the post it was incredibly sunny and I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt!! The way I could smell the sea on the breeze and the way I was grinning while walking down the street because I forgot that spring could be this good! And the new feeling of vitality and freshness that spring brings.

3. A party at Morgan's Uncles 40th party and the fun we always have while with his family.

4. Sleepovers at Brant, Lar and Keke's and getting to go to their lovely little church on Sunday.

5. My sassy apron that came in the mail. Thanks Nettie I love the fabrics and colours - it's so very very me. It's a lovely simple apron that I can see me getting a lot of use out. (Is anyone else so very messy when they cook?) I'm hoping I can wear it soon when making that tomato jam I've been thinking about for awhile mmmm. Thank you Thank you receiving things in the mail in just so fun.

6. Finishing off sewing projects that have had me going all week and looking forward to the surprise when they are received :) Giving and creating for others just gives me such a kick.

7. Thinking about my next sewing project. The Amy Butler Frenchy Bag pattern and her fabrics in grey and white and mustard:

8. The fact that it is Friday and we all know what that means :)


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I hope you love your Frenchy bag. My sister made one and she loves it. Carries it all the time. Enjoy your lovely weekend with delicious spring weather. :)

  2. Oh! Such a sweet post! I love to look forward to OTHER peoples week-ends! LOL I know, silly.
    I hope you have the most amazing, fulfilling (spring) weekend ever!
    Loves to you!

  3. hope your weekend is as fun as it sounds...

    btw, that fabric is beyond yummy. I want it for myself!

  4. So many exciting things you have going on!! I love Amy Butler her fabric is so scrumptious lol
    Hope your spring-filled weekend is full of sweet treats for you
    Love to you friend

  5. Awesome fabric! I hope your weekend was just as exciting as the anicipaton of it. LOVE reading your good things. :)