Sep 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

This cute little baby is my sweet Morgan Luke. Words fail to express just how dear this boy is to me. We've been dating for just over 3 years and I still wish our time spent together never had to end.

He loves:
Playing his drums at church and in his band (whom are still unnamed), mucking around with his new car, making me laugh, playing mario cart, being outdoors, mucking around with a soccer ball, watching soccer, listening to music and finding new music to share, just driving, being with family, dreaming about the days to come and just laughing.
This boy will pray with me and for me whenever I ask. He holds me when I feel sad and can always make me laugh. When he smiles and is happy it makes my heart sing. He is just the best.

Oh, and I think he's still just as cute today as he is in this picture :)

Thank you my boy can't wait to spend a fun weekend with you.. even if we ARE going to watch soccer :P


  1. This is so super sweet KT. So happy for you that you have someone like him to pray with you and make you laugh.
    Hoping your alls weekend is a supurb one watching Soccer and laughing and talking and falling inlove
    Loves to you

  2. Awww! So sweet. How great that you have someone so wonderful in your life. Hope you guys have a happy, fun weekend together!

    P.S. And I love love loved your photos from last weekend!

  3. naw my love that is so sweet! guess commenting you! :) woot!
    cant wait to watch soccer with you either!! haha


  4. What a cute picture of your boy. :) He sounds like a keeper. Have a lovely weekend, even if it is only watching soccer. :)Just spending time together is the best.

  5. Love this post! He sounds wonderful, and I hope he appreciates you as much as you appreciate him (something tells me he does). Have a terrific weekend together! :-)

  6. Love it! :) Cuteness. So fun to read about you guys. :) You are such a fantastic girl and you deserve the sweetness.

  7. What a cutie!! You guys sound like best buddies, and 3+ years.. woo! Hope you had a fun weekend together.

    Did you hear both Nikon and Canon have released new SLRs?! I've now started saving for my new toy...