Sep 5, 2008

Flashback Friday...

Today it is cold. and rainy. The weather is playing tricks on us. This is so NOT how the first week of spring is supposed to go! Luckily it's not as cold as in this photo. Or I would be worried. Really worried. This photo is of my grandma and my two Aunts (dad's two oldest sisters) in the 1950's when they lived in Blue Mountains.
I Love this shot and want those jackets! :)

p.s c'mon springtime I'm waiting for you!


  1. What an adorable picture!
    And I can't believe you are just going into spring as we are going into Autumn...
    I hope she hurries up delights you with all her glorious beauty!
    Lots of love friend

  2. Sweet photo! Makes me feel a little cold, though!

  3. Lovely photo!

    And more to my point, thank you so much for the lovely apron. It's perfect, and I've worn it heaps already. The crumble sounds delicious too!

  4. I love your snowman photo, reminds me of one I have from when I was a toddler building snowmen.

    It was the reverse down here. As soon as spring ticked over, we started getting warmer days.

  5. So you move into spring time as we move into fall... :) Fun!
    Love the picture. You have some great old photos!
    The apron pictures are awesome!! Way to craft girl! :)