Sep 22, 2008

my boys..

A few shots from a lazy Sunday afternoon, while we were out enjoying the sunshine.

My baby brother. And I now say baby as a very loose term as he is now taller than me, has a deep voice, suddenly shaves and picks me up whenever he feels the need or I annoy him too much.

where oh where did my baby brother go?

He hates photos and HATES posing. So I was super lucky he loves me enough to pose in these shots. Although he did make it clear when he had had enough :)

Rugby Union is his life at the moment. He plays it, he dreams it, he thinks it, he's always talking about it, he lives it, he breathes it. Sometimes it drives me nuts, sometimes I love him for it. I love how this shot captures all that he is at the moment, a scruffy teenage boy (there is a few dreadies in the back of his hair there) with his football :)

And some more shots of this boy:
my sweetest Morgan.

my Lucky Dog:
He is getting a bit old and lately rather fat.. he was pretty exhausted when we got home. I think this is his "can't we go home now?, Seriously that sea water I just drank is making me sea sick!" face.

Also dear Amanda from blessings all mine has just opened up her Etsy shop!There's some really cute little items in there. She is also currently hosting a giveaway for a set of her beautiful monogram coasters so pop on over and show her some support :) Seriously Amanda, these coasters are really impressive!


  1. there were also some pretty mad dog pics of a fully sick subie but thats ok;p

    love u hun

  2. Loved your Lazy day post KT...I believe your brothers resemble you a bit! I always wanted a baby brother :)
    Loves to you friend and hope you have a fantastic week