Sep 8, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap. Fall Edition.

A few weekends ago I turned three ironing board covers into this:

and this:Yay, my apron is finished! And is now at home in it's new home where I hope it is loved as much as I love it, in fact as much as I wish it could of stayed with me :)

I thought I would never get any inspiration for this swap, all the brightly coloured summer fabrics are coming out here now and was giving up hope of finding a great 'autumn fabric'. The fabric I used is actually a few ironing board covers that I found in a sale bin on my way out of Spotlight the Thursday before the Monday it was due... Those apples, they just won me over!

Hmmm I've also realized that I seem to like making it a tad harder for myself and don't like to use normal material (in the last swap I used tea towels). This time, however I actually used a pattern (Kwik Sew 3386) so at least the sewing was quicker and I didn't have to think about measurements (something I'm not so good at!). The ironing boards also had the perfect coloured bias binding which I was able to reuse - even though it did takes ages to unpick!

I also added in Grandma's recipe for apple crumble, which in hindsight tied in quite well with the apron design!

Such a cute apron design I think I'm just going to have to whip one up for myself (after I finish the sewing and craft projects I've got going at the moment..)


  1. KT, that is darling! And out of an iron board cover? You are so creative and the apples are perfect for fall I think!

    Oh, and thank you for the comment, the picture was taken in July on our four yr anniversary, he will be 29 next June and he doesn't like me reminding him because he knows he is getting close to 30 hehehe!

  2. I love it! And I was looking back at your summer apron and it is just as cute! Guess what, Beth was my partner this time ... if it's the same Beth. I'm afraid that she will be sorely disappointed this time after seeing how cute your tea towel apron is!!! And the apple is the perfect fabric - great find!

  3. okay Im in LOVE with the fabric.. I have looked everywhere with something with apples, hard to find. THAT is ADORABLE!!

    btw.. if your watching something on youtube, there is an embed link, then you cut and past in blogger.

    easy peasy.

  4. that apron should be too cute to be true. you are one clever and amazing little lady. so very, very cute!

  5. I LOVE this! It is just darling!! I am planning to make my daughter and I matching aprons for christmas this year, SHE will open BOTH of them! LOL
    I adore this post, just darling! I find a kindred (sewing) soul in YOU!
    Bless you!

  6. Absolutely darling! You are one talented and creative lady!!! ~Dawna

  7. wow wow wow! this turned out so stinking cute! whoever is on the receiving end of the swap is one lucky gal!

  8. That is one cute apron! What a creative idea to use ironing board covers. I'm always looking for sheets and curtain with great patterns, but this takes the cake. Good job KT! :)