Feb 2, 2009


Bruce Mac

Mark, Jules & Lewy Mac

(dadda is the middle one)

Stuart Mac

Last week my brother started his new school. It felt strangely odd driving down to Sydney at 8pm to drop him off and filling up his wardrode (press) with clothes & belongings. There was definitely an air of excitement around and all the boys were running around crazy. Excited to see where their new beds were for the year in relation to their friends, what level they were on and catching up with each other.

I'm glad Stu was able to go to rowing camp the week before where he was able to make some friends (two of whom are in his dorm). As we left we heard an invite of "Stu we'll be in the tv room you coming?" and I'm so glad about that. It would of been just awful leaving him sitting on his bed alone.

Morgan and I drove down Saturday morning to pick him up after sport. He was pretty exhausted as he had to get up at 5.30 am that morning and go for a 20 km row! But it was great catching up and we spoke and laughed for ages - awesome!

The sun was shining on the school and it was so cool wish i had taken my camera.

We drove in through the old tall gates, proudly displaying the school crest and up to the old original sandstone building (pic above) where school boys were bustling about back to their dorms carrying sporting gear or heading off to the pool where those lucky ones who had finished sport early were mucking around with their mates. There was parents visiting students and having picnics on the grass, the brothers were out on the steps of the old building in their monk like outfits, there was a funeral procession happening outside the main building (and signs were later placed out advising not to park in certain areas as their was a wedding soon to be occuring!)

I just couldn't get over how cool it all was and how completely different it was to any of my school experiences! No wonder Stu says it is taking quite a bit of adjustment! Although he assures us he is enjoying it. And although we worry about him now and if he is having a good time we know it is just a matter of time as he works out the rhythms of school life, gets settled in, finds new friends and then it will all be the norm.

and yes, this all boys school wears pink and is totally proud of it!


  1. Your brother is quite the handsome young man! I know he's excited.

    Oh - and my husband and I grew up about an hour away from each other.

  2. Lovely pictures of handsome men!! What a huge school! I bet you could get lost in it!

  3. So good to hear your brother is settling in! What a big move for him. 2 hours of rowing sounds utterly exhausting! And how exciting that he's carrying on a family tradition. Wow!