Jun 3, 2009

For Baby Jack

During one of my long 'uncrafty' and "missing-in-action" moments over the past couple of months, I was actually sneakily crafting behind the scenes (along with a few other ladies) to bless the socks off our sweet friend Chelle, her family and their newest addition - Adorable baby Jack. I have been wanting to share these for ages... but wanted to wait till they were safety at their destination so not to spoil the surprise.

I made my favourite sock animal - the zebra. I think I'm just really crazy about his hair!!
He is from the Japanese craft book (Sock & Glove)...

A mini-man pair of overalls. Using the same pattern (and material) as I did on Cade's overalls... still loving those kangaroos and emus, and still just as confused about the african animals?!

and my hands with it, so you can see just how small the little neckline is.

And two of my tea towel bibs...

Funny trivia.. I know this spotty fabric scrap came in my little bundle from the Domestic Bliss Scrappy Swap and am pretty sure it was from Chelle and is in the quilt she made Rylan?! This little scrap certainly is a little jet setter ;)

All wrapped up with a little onesie initialed card on a mini coat hanger...
I just adore making baby gifts and baby sized items!


  1. Ohhhh so cute!! Your sock animals are totally adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is beyond cute!! You are amazing! :)

  3. oh my totally totally loved getting see this, I think that Zebra is ever ever so darling... and ahhhh so sweet of Jack and Cade to have matching mini man outfits! I love it.

  4. So sweet. I love the zebra!! I'll bet sweet Chelle was over the moon about these precious gifts. :-)

  5. Yay! We finally get a peak. :) SO perfect and adorable! I love them.

  6. wow, wow, wow! everything turned out soooo amazingly cute. especially that little zebra. to die for. and i'm sure that chelle was overwhelmed with delight to open such special gifts!

  7. SOOOOO very cute!
    I love your creative inspirations.
    How are you? How is the planning of the BIG 21 going?
    Miss you!!!!

  8. Oh these turned out so cute and I'm so tickled to finally get to see them! They are lovely and you did such a wonderful job.

    BTW, I got the most wonderful sweet package in the mail on Friday. Thank you dearly for thinking of me on my birthday and sending it all the way to SC. Love you dear friend!