Jun 29, 2009

i love my family

haha oh how I LOVE this girlie!!
And her momma and her dadda too!
I am so excited that I get to HANG OUT with Keke and my cousin Larissa this coming weekend! They are visiting for a few weeks from Dubai to celebrate my cousin Rachel's engagement. M and I are helping Larissa to put together a secret something for the event. I will fill you in, but for now it's all hush hush :)
We will also throw in some hugs, many laughs, some sewing for little ones and non-stop-talking I am sure (we have SO much to catch up on- msn just dosen't cut it!) I will also get to see the latest Keke addition...

the cutest little pony tail!
I am also excited to spend some quality time with them during my upcoming holidays too :)

and one more photo I couldn't resist putting in.. cause that Keke Monkey?! well she's so stinkin cute!!


  1. oh how darling is she!?!! I am excited for you to be able to have some fun this weekend, what a great treat!
    Love you Katie!!!

  2. oh my goodnes...how beyond precious is that first picture! LOVE IT!