Jun 18, 2009


Sorry for leaving you all hanging there for over a week ;)
It's been busy. Too busy!
But are you ready for a picture heavy post? a long one..

I was lucky enough to have my 21st land on a Saturday and to make the day extra long we celebrated with friends and family with a yummy brunch in the morning and then Morgan and I were to have a hot date in the night time - which we ended up spending in the Emergency Ward at the hospital... But I'll get to that ;)

Morgan's mum and dad were so sweet to open up their beautiful home for me to celebrate my special day. Letting me take over their lounge room, helping organize, rounding up chairs (so they would all match - thanks Craig!) helping to set up on the Friday night and allowing me to go crazy with my decorating ideas - like hanging hooks out of their light fittings! It meant so much and I truly am so blessed to know these wonderful people!

So first let me first set the scene for you - the beautiful Ayling abode. On a gorgeously sunny wintery morning overlooking Morgan's mums rose garden and the fountain which was turned on for the occasion. And yes their house is 'pink' - the colour they brought the house in, not their chosen colour!

We made chalk board signs to direct guests where to park and up the pathway to the lounge room where the party was being held. It was fun to watch the guests following the path and signs up to the party, presents in hand :)

All the furniture was taken out of the lounge room and replaced with prettily decorated trestle tables.

We made the table runners out of some amazing black and white fabric I found on the clearance rack at Spotlight for only $2 a metre! It happened to be exactly wide enough to cute 5 out of and have enough left over to make something else - I love when that happens! When I saw this print I immediately thought of the invites and loved how it tied the whole theme together and matched the serviettes I had already picked out.

Taking inspiration from Martha Stewart I made tissue paper pom poms which dad cleverly hung up with hooks and fishing line, strategically over each table. The Blue and green poms were particularly effective under the lights reflecting pretty colours on the ceiling. If your wondering I used this tutorial - doing a mixture of pointy and curved ends - as Niki pointed out my green mock pom looked like a floating iceberg lettuce - too funny!

I really wanted this lady to make me one of her special banners.. but due to time it just didn't work out. So she said I could copy her idea and I used one of her other banners I own as a template. If you like you can buy one from her etsy shop here. I also made some more circle banners for added bursts of colour.

We used the bar as a self serve coffee and tea buffet and had a pretty glass jug of juice on each table.
And here is the lolly bar looking all pretty. It was such a hit, even my grandparents were frequent visitors to the table and I am pretty sure nobody left without a little goody bag all pegged up. There was an assortment of gummy bears, fizzers, violet crumbles, maltersers, starbust lollies, chuppa chups and huge marshmellows - yummy!

Here is my Aunt filling up her little goody bag.

(had to take another photo - the others were blurry!)
My Dad gave a special speech and Morgan put together a slideshow which I hadn't seen before that day, it was very sweet. He added in a lot of my favourite tunes, like The Weepies :)

Towards the end of the party we headed out onto the lawn and took some family and friend shots - these are some of my favourites!

I got some amazing presents and truly was so blessed. This guy and his family brought me a real pandora braclet! and Luke even picked out the perfect little bird bead :) Another favourite present was a bunch of baking pans and a sweet little cookbook titled 'I Love Sugar'. And this Super Amazing lady and her equally lovely husband really outdid themselves and brought me an overlocker!!! Can you believe it? I was flabbergasted! ooh and apparently the lower looper is self threading too - so exciting! I can't wait to start sewing on it :) Thank you Niki, this is such an amazing gift - so very me and something that I will use for many many years and will be able to think of you guys and our beautiful friendship each time I use it.
thank you thank you thank you!

oh and here is what Morgan was doing when he hurt his arm... Whoever thought that was a genius idea and why?! Boys will be boys (no matter how old!)... He had to have x-rays and took a week of work.. luckily it is healing now (just very bruised!) And that is why i spent the night of my 21st in the hospital! But he did make it up to me with a date last weekend :) I think it's safe to say he won't be doing that again anytime soon!

So overall the best party I think I have ever had!! Now to make the thank you cards ;)


  1. Oh my goodness!! Every thing looks amazing! So beautiful.

    I love the poms - the colors you used together looked great.

    What a wonderful birthday. Well - all except for the emergency part. :) Yes, boys will most certainly be boys.

    I'm so glad that you were able to have a wonderful celebration! You deserved it.

  2. oh my goodness...this is incredible! i need to have you plan my next party! :) LOVE all the decor...LOVE the goody bag bar....kt, you are so beyond inspiring. happy belated birthday!

  3. This is so beautiful and full of every variety of memory to have for a long time! I love all your details and colours and lovliness!

  4. How amazing, KT!
    It looks like you had a birthday right out of a dream, truly beautiful and eveyrthing looks so beautiful and lovely!

    I'm so sorry about Morgan's accident...you know it looks like he might be a professional diver in that picture....well, almost. To bad he wasn't doing that in water hehehe

    Love you and hope this year is the best yet :)

  5. SO SO CUTE!!! Awesome job, everything came together so well.
    My mouth is watering for those lollies!

    Silly Morgan! It's so funny that you caught the incident on camera! Glad he's ok.

    Happy Belated!

  6. hey love
    nice post:) was a graet party i had so much fun!
    sorry u had to spend the night of your 21st in hosp with me!
    also, that isnt even the jump that i hurt myself on! the real one is more impressive i think you should put that one up!! haha
    love love

  7. Wow! You did an awesome job on the decorating for your party. It looks great. You look like you had a great time. Happy Birthday again. Enjoy being 21!

  8. Oh my word! You really did an amazing job. The ideas are amazing and you made it all work out so perfectly. Wish we could have all been there. The pictures of you with your friends are so fun. Glad you added them. KT, you are an inspiration with all of your amazing parties!
    Love you girl!

  9. What a gorgeous set out! Every bit! Looks like a great party. The lolly bag idea is so cute!!

  10. Hey beautiful friend!

    So much catching up to do...

    01. I am so sorry I completely missed your birthday! I am so behind on blog reading + commenting, and well, internet stuff in general. Happy happy birthday super late!

    02. I am in awe of your amazingly lovely party! WOW. If you can pull something that stunning off for your birthday, I can't wait to see what you do for your actual wedding someday :)

    03. I am so excited that you get to come over here next year!! So excited. I can't wait to meet in real life!

    Hope you are having a happy weekend so far! Love to you, dear friend!

  11. I'm so sorry i couldn't make it, one of the girls at work came down with a tummy bug and well, the rest you know. It all looked so spanking fantastic, i really wish i could have seen it!

    You CAN blame my brother for your boyfriends accident, i don't mind, and i do believe he was instrumental in the whole scenario.

    Love love, Mealie

  12. lovely party!
    and thanks for the fotos, i kinda stole them! ha