Jun 25, 2009

Miss Mac #3

My dad's family seem to like even numbers.
There are six children in his family - 3 boys and 3 girls.
Each of these six children have two children.
Which makes 12 grand children - and yeah you guessed it...
there are 6 girls and 6 boys!
Each son had just one daughter.
The McAllan girls...
Miss Mac 1,2 & 3
And we all adore one another (well I know I adore them)
We are also all June babies. I love sharing this special month with them :)

Miss Mac #1 is super easy to buy for.. mostly because we are so similar and share a similar taste in clothes, music, accessories, are not far in age from one another and are both very creative (Sarey is currently studying fashion & costume design). I had a little trouble thinking up what to make for Miss Mac #3 to celebrate her 14th birthday though. I knew I wanted to make her something, because that's just fun and I was hankering to sew something!
Hannie is not super 'girly' and she adores horses, so I wanted to incorporate that in too.
So I made 'Hanna's barn tote'...
(I also realized just how 'girly' my fabric stash is!)
It was very easy I make - it only took a evening. For the horse motif I googled a horse silhouette, enlarged it in word, printed and used it as a stencil to cut the fabric to shape. I used visa fix to adhere it to the tote and then zig zag stitched around the edges. (if you are doing this yourself make sure to iron the visafix to the fabric scrap before you cut the shape out).

I'm so happy that it worked out - I had no idea how that horse motif was going to turn out!
As Hannie & her family live in the States *sniff* I also added in some of her favourite Aussie lollies - like minties.
Oh how I miss this little lady, Can't wait to visit her this coming March in Chicago - yeah!
Hanna at a horse show (isn't she cute!).

And thanks everyone for your sweet comments about my party it really was as fun and as beautiful as it looked :)


  1. I so wish I could sew! You make it look so easy and so elegant! I'm in awe.

  2. Darling! You are so creative..... I love that you just whip up things you dream up. Not many people I know can do that. So fun to see.
    How is everything? I LOVED your beautiful party! How fun is that???! I have not had a party for me in years..... I think my last was seriously for MY 21st! Which, gulp, was, my gosh, TEN years ago this September. lol!
    WOW! When did I grow up and forget that I did?
    Thank you for your comment! It is funny. When I was making them I seriously thought of you for both. But for some reason I think the rose fabric by Anna Maria fits you best. :)
    I LOVE my tags! Although I think I was expecting thinker fabric.
    Other then the thinness of the product I love working with her.
    She has a site on etsy. You can find her by going to: www.mommiemadeit.etsy.com .
    I think it will be wonderful when I finally get to pick your brain.
    I was taught to sew by my mother an dgrandmother. They were serious and AMAZING sewwers. But neither of them were the type to 'wing it'..... as my mother would call it. I guess it takes a nack that I don't even see I poses. lol I just wish that my grandma was here to see what I make, and to make things for her. I would SO love that. I miss her. :D
    Anyhow...... I am not writing a book here! LOL Just miss you sweetie!
    Love you!!!