Jun 18, 2009

in the morning post

Anyone who knows me well knows that gifts are my primary love language. It's how I feel and show love. I really enjoy searching for the perfect gift for a friend, picking (or making) the perfect card and creatively thinking of a way of wrapping it all up. I also love receiving - no gift is too small or silly to me because it tells me that someone was thinking of me & loves me.
So can you imagine the thrill I got this morning when a package from the lovely Dawna showed up on my doorstep! Even though it was beautifully wrapped (brown paper, string and all) this package didn't stay unwrapped for long, because I knew whatever was inside was going to be good ;)
And I was right! I literally squealed with happiness when I opened it.

Inside was an Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillow Pattern which I have been eying for months and some of the most amazingly beautiful fat quarters ever. I can hardly wait to make something out of these! Aren't the colours just gorgeous? and such pretty prints too. And I love the way Dawna has put together little scrap paper holders for each set, details like that totally excite me!
It was definitely the best way to start the morning!

And look at the pretty card (probably my favourite from this birthday) Adore the simplicity, the bird motif (and his little feather) and the blues and greens - my favourite colours at the moment :)
It still awes me these amazing connections I have made over the Internet.
How a friend I have never met in real life and who is SO many kilometres (sorry miles ;) away could just so totally get me - even more than some of my friends and family!
It was just like I was reading on Wendi's blog this week, we share so much of ourselves in these spaces, we read all about each others lives, our likes, our dislikes, our failures and our triumphs (as well as a dozen other things!). We "blog what is in our hearts" , and not in the way we would speak to someone we see regularly and we really get to know one another and we form these beautiful friendships - which 'unbloggers' find hard to understand but which we know is so amazing!
Anyway Wendi, I think you said that so much better than me ;)

And Dawna thank you for my present - it was beautiful & has made my day :)
I love how my birthday can just drag on for weeks ;)
And speaking of birthdays my major assessment is now over (hurrah!) and I just got my memory card back from Morgan (who had it in his computer all week) so stay tuned for a (probally lenghty) b'day post of the best party I have ever had. I can't wait to share!


  1. I am a gift person, too, and I know just what you mean. I love hearing your giddy joy all over your writing! It made me smile. :)Happy Birthday on and on!

  2. That is so beyond sweet, yeah that Dawna, she is cool like that! :)

  3. So wonderfully sweet, and SO DAWNA!
    I am glad you are blessed Katie! I knwo that this season in your life has been a hard one to get used to, and you need these breaks of FUN!
    I cannot wait to see pictures of your creations!
    Love you!!!

  4. So glad you liked it, sweet girl! I wanted to send you enough Amy Butler fabric to make the cushion, but the store didn't have any (I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have a lot of choices), so I had to settle for the fat quarters instead. I knew you would find something wonderful and creative to do with them. I loved the sweet birthday gifts you sent me as well. Thank you!!!! I wanted to do a cute post about them with pictures, but Rachel has wandered off with the cookbook and won't give it back! (plus our internet service has been a bit spotty. Grrr!) Love you!!